Optical Passive Marker 3D motion Capture systems have historically defined and set the standards in Motion Capture Industry. With constant improvement in Technology and Hardware for Animation, Rehabilitation and Virtual Reality 3D Motion capture, Qualisys has been at the fore-front of passive marker technology and introducing innovative products at regular interval. Their Oqus Camera series being the latest, that enables under direct sun-light motion capture, and both  Passive and Active markers tracking, first for any Optical MoCap system.

Qualysis 3D Motion Capture System:

Qualisys motion capture hardware and software have been designed with low latency and maximum speed in mind – without sacrificing accuracy. We deliver high-quality optical motion capture systems, hardware that does not break and software that does not become obsolete. 

Our technology is neatly packaged with a service & support package that is included with your purchase. 

At the heart of our technology, you will find the Oqus camera and our motion tracking software, Qualisys Track Manager. Be sure to check out the hardware and software sections and let us introduce you to the future of motion capture.

The Oqus platform provides motion capture cameras suitable for all possible applications, both indoor and outdoor. The Oqus cameras are designed to capture accurate mocap data with very low latency and works with both passive and active markers. 

Key Features 

High speed motion capture 
High speed video 
Sensor resolutions: 0.3, 1.3, 4 and 12 Mpixels 
Active filtering for outdoor measurements 
Motorised lenses 
Active marker support 
Real-time architecture for low latency 
Wireless communication1 
Virtually unlimited number of cameras/markers 

Silent, fan-less, operation 

Motion Capture 

The main feature of the Oqus cameras is the ability to calculate marker positions with impressive accuracy and speed. Hundreds of markers can be measured at thousands of frames per second with ten, fifty or even more cameras – and everything run off an ordinary laptop. No workstations needed. No external hub needed. The system becomes truly mobile and very easy to setup. 


Speed comes in many shapes in an Oqus based system. An efficient processing pipeline and rapid marker calculations allows the Oqus system to achive a total system latency of under 4ms, including in-camera processing and 3D/6DOF reconstruction. Camera models with high-speed mode uses sub-sampling to enable higher frame rates while keeping the entire field-of-view. High-speed video is available as an add-on making it possible to turn the motion capture camera into a high-speed video camera with the click of a button (see the comparison table for availability). 


Add WiFi to your Oqus camera and the system can be run off a laptop without cables attached. Having difficulties choosing between a passive or an active motion capture system? Look no further, the Oqus cameras can use either! Passive markers are hard to beat when it comes to ease of use and flexibility. But in some applications sequence coded active markers are the best choice. Go Oqus and don’t worry about making the wrong decision. 

Compare cameras 

1 With reduced field-of-view & resolution. 
2 With active-filtering. 
3 The wide angle lens is not motorised. 
4 Varies slightly across camera types. 
5 Optional accessor/feature.
Oqus Video

Oqus Video (also known as Oqus 210c) is a synchronised and dedicated video camera that can be calibrated together with an Oqus motion capture system, providing a video image that is fully synchronised with the mocap system.
The camera is automatically calibrated together with the rest of the system, without the need for manual intervention. This makes it effortless to get 3D data overlaid on top of the video image, which provides additional visual aid for the user.
With its on-board MJPEG encoder, the camera is able to stream full HD video (1080p) at 24 frames per second. If you don’t need the full 2 megapixel resolution, you have the option to trade pixels for speed. Run 60 fps with full field of view or 95 fps at VGA resolution.
In addition to streaming, the camera is also capable of buffering video. This allows you to run 1080p at 337 fps for a shorter time. At reduced resolution it can go above 1000 fps. Note that the Oqus 210c cannot be used to capture markers, except during calibration.

One system, one software 

Traditionally you would complement your motion capture system with a number of video cameras. Typically requiring additional hardware and software. With the Oqus however, your video and motion capture cameras will play together seamlessly as a single system. No additional software or hardware needed, just setup the camera in QTM like any other Oqus camera.


Oqus MRI

With Oqus MRI, capturing both brain activity and kinematics during functional MRI measurements have never been easier. Designed for use inside an MRI room, the Oqus MRI is truly a unique motion capture camera.

Camera modification 
Although most modern MRI scanners have a very rapid drop off in magnetic field strength close to the scanner itself, materials used inside an MRI room should be non-metallic to the extent possible. The Oqus MRI compatible camera is purpose-built and differs from a regular motion capture camera through shielding and the selection of materials. The housing is made of die-casted aluminium, steel fasteners are replaced by brass screws and the calibration L-frame and wand is made from glass fiber. The camera is completely shielded to keep electro magnetic emissions to a minimum and enabling cameras to operate just a meter away from the scanner without causing artifacts in the MRI image.

Key Features 
Electromagnetically shielded 
MRI shielded cables and connections 
MRI compatible calibration kit 
Sensor resolution: 0.3, 1.3, 3 and 4 Mpixel 
Customized mounting solutions

Oqus Underwater

Qualisys provides the possibility to measure underwater by using specially adapted Oqus motion capture cameras. Measure anything underwater, for example ship scale models, water sports, animation and more.

The Oqus underwater cameras use the same mocap platform as the standard Oqus cameras. The same range of image sensors are available with the same possibilities. The system is controlled through Qualisys Track Manager with the same features as an ordinary land-based Oqus system. Synchronization with external equipment is just as flexible and it is possible to stream both free markers and 6DOF-data in real-time, to a third-party application. 0:05 The leg of a swimming person in Visual3D. 

High speed video 
The Oqus camera has integrated, full-frame, high speed video capability as an option. The underwater Oqus has this possibility as well and an underwater mocap camera is turned into a high-speed camera with a simple mouse click. High speed video is very useful to visualize measurements and overlay marker data on the real subjects. 

Each underwater camera is pressure tested to 40m and is corrosion protected for use in salt water tanks or chlorinated swimming pools. Weight and volume is balanced to give the camera neutral buoyancy for easy handling in water.

Key Features 
High speed motion capture 
High speed video * 
Pressure tested to 40m depth 
High power cyan LED:s 
Sensor resolution: 1.3, 4 and 12 Mpixel 
Up to 20 meters range