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We provide VR/AR software development and integration services based on variety of software frameworks, libraries, graphics engines and off-the-shelf commercial products.

3D/2D Immersive, Interactive Visualization Solution for large CAD/GIS Datasets

There are applications where visualization of large data-sets at acceptable frame rates is critical. This is important to make sense out of it. Data could be from various local and remote sources and could be stored or being generated in real-time.

Controlling, Accessing, Analyzing Visualizing such data is important for specific end user groups to turn the passive data into useful information and eventuality knowledge.

Given the mis-match between the growth of Data and it's complexities and Hardware capabilities, visualization is very challenging. We provide solutions that meet the stated criteria of particular users.

Some typical use cases are:

  1. Defense
  2. Defense is probably the area where visualization of large Datasets is the most important requirement, be it Planning, Command And Control, Training/Simulation/Operation. Sources of data as well as their interrelationships are very complex but important factors to maintain. Sources of DATA could be GIS databases, various Sensors steaming the data in real-time, user defined data so an so forth.
  3. Civil Administration/Policing/Disaster Management/Transportation
    1. These are other areas where large datasets visualization plays an important role.
  4. Manufacturing/Aerospace/Industrial Engineering/Ship Building
  5. Science/Technology/Education/Research
  6. Entertainment/Games/Films/TV
  7. Architecture/Engineering/Construction
  8. Enterprise (Oil&Gas/Exploration/Business)