Following product lines are on offer, that have been chosen carefully for specific needs.

We offer variety of 3D Motion Tracking/capture Systems as each system is suited for specific situations. The application may vary from 3D Head Tracking for Desktop Virtual Reality project or body tracking for Biomechanics studies to advanced navigation in 3D Immersive Environments consisting of multi-person body/face and fingers capture.  ....more

3D Scanners:

3D Scanners are used for scanning 3D Objects/Subjects for the purpose of 3D Modelling, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Entertainment, Art and Conservation, Reverse Engineering, Wood working and medical ....more

3D Stereo Projection Systems:

3D Stereo Projection Systems are used for Scientific Immersive 3D Visualization, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Automotive,  Aerospace, Entertainment and rehabilitation. ....more

3D Biomechanics Modeling and Analysis Software:

Biomechanics Analysis Software is required for 3D Human Modeling and analysis on recorded 3D Motion and

Datagloves are used to capture finger movement and also for producing  Haptics effects through Vibration at finger tips. ....more

Neuro-Physiological signal recording Systems:

EMG and other physiological signals are required for Gait, Sports, Neuro Biomechanics and Ergonomics studies. ....more

Eye Trackers:

Eye Trackers are necessary tool to record Eye Gaze and Fixation for driver/pilot training and evaluation, Neuro-Behavioral studies, attention studies,  other Human Factors Research, Hand-Eye coordination and Retail effectiveness. ....more

Force Platforms are used for capturing ground reaction forces for Biomechanics, for Inverse dynamics Analysis. ....more

Gait Training devices are used for rehabilitating the persons with Neuro-Muscular disorders and injuries. ....more

Haptics Devices are used to recreate sense of touch and to map force constraints in Simulated Virtual Reality environments. ....more

Head Mounted Display:

Head Mounted Displays are used for Virtual Reality applications to immerse the subject inside the 3D scene. ....more

Immersive Display Systems:

Immersive Display Systems are pre-built, off-the-shelf display solutions with curved, dome, multi sided display screens for simulators and Immersive Virtual Reality applications.  ....more

Instrumented Treadmills:

Instrumented Treadmills have large force platforms as base, that provide Ground Reaction Force in each Gait Cycle....more

O&P (Orthotics & Prosthetics) CNC Carver:

O&P carvers are used for quickly carving positive models of O&P devices and Cosmesis like Sockets, Body Jackets, braces, limb etc., for fabrication through thermo-forming. ....more

O&P Design Software:

O&P design softwares are used to make digital 3d models of O&P devices either by measurement or by 3D scans, to be sent to CNC carving machine. ....more

VR/AR Software helps quickly create VR Projects through readily integrating VR hardwares and peripherals like Motion Trackers, HMD, Datgloves etc. . ....more


These are miscellaneous, special products ....more