For high resolution, speed and capture range requirements, Optical Active Marker 3D Motion Tracking/Capture Systems are modern technology alternative for almost any situation except where line-of-sight is an issue. They offer following advantages.
  • High resolution.
  • Ambient light operations.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Distinct marker id , so exceptionally clean raw data for Research or professional applications wihout marker swapping or mis-identification problems.
  • High Speed/frame rate.
  • Cost efective.
  • Larger Field-of-View.
  • Portable.
  • Real-Time output.
There are following Active Marker Technology 3D Motion Traaking products on offer:

PTI-Phoenix Active Marker Technology based 3D Motion Trackers:

PTI-Phoenix offers industry's highest resolution, calibration free active marker Motion Trackers even for multi tracker installation, for various motion capture system requirements. It automatically and continuously recalibrates itself and is the only Optical 3D Motion Trcaker with these features. 1 to 48 or more trackers can be used to extend the capture space
 It can be used under upto 16g acelaration, making it perfect for in-vehicle or in-cockpit scientific experiments. 
Another unique feature is the avilability of vibrating markers to track the marker as well as send tactile stimulli. In addition there are variety of accessories to chose from. It interfaces with national Instruments DAQ System to synchronously record Force Plaform and EMG data for Rehabiitation Gait Analysis, Sports Biomechanics or Human Factors Analysis.

A single tracker can track upto 512 LED markers in 3D in a very large capture space from single point-of-view. For multi-sided tacking, additional trackers can be added as and when needed.
it comes in 2 models.
VZ 4000V is high acuracy and exclusive features Motion Tracker. It is avaialble in H version with accuracy <.5 mm and E version with acccracy between .5 to .65 mm. 
VZ 4050v is the small form factor variant that can fit into constricted spaces. Rest of the features are same with some variations in specs..
  • Standard LED Markers
  • Tactile markers
  • Wireless SIT Marker
  • Wireless SI3T marker with 3 LED's
  • TCM(Target Control Modeule) for 8, 16 and 32 markers
  • Transmitters and Recievers for Tether-less
  • Different types of cables
  • SW Marker
  • Body andVest Suit
  • Glove for finger capture
  • Contact and remote
  • Clamps, mounts and tripods.
  • Softwares like VZ Soft the default GUI for controlling the tracker, VZDaq for Synchronous Data Acquisition through National Instrumants DAQ systems, Autocal for multiple tracker auto calibration, VZ Analyzer for Motion and Analog Data analysis and third-party software plug-ins for Maya, 3D Max, Motion Builder etc..