We offer variety of 3D Motion Tracking/capture Systems as each system is suited for specific situations. The application may vary from 3D Head Trcaking for Desktop Virtual Reality project or body tracking for Biomechanics stsudies to advanced navigation in 3D Immersive Environemnts consisting of mult-person body/face and fingers capture. Given below is a list of 3D Motion Tracking products.

Electromagnetic 3D Motion Trackers:

Electromagneic 3D Motion Trackers have many features that make them suitable for Biomechanics, Virtual Reality, Biomedical 3D Imaging, Sports Analysis, Behaviour Studies, Simulation and Avionics. Their features are listed below.
  1. Low Cost.
  2. No lighting conditions, background or line of sight constraints.
  3. No drift.
  4. 6 DOF data per sensor.
  5. Both wireless and wired models.
  6. Real-Time operation. Lowest latencies available in the market.
  7. Portable.

Optical-Active Marker Technology 3D Motion Capture Systems:

For high resolution, speed and capture range requirements, Optical Active Marker 3D Motion Tracking/Capture Systems are modern technology
alterantive for almost any situation except where line-of-sight is an issue. They offer following advantages.
  • High resolution.
  • Ambient light operations.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Distinct marker id , so exceptionally clean raw data for Research or professional applications wihout marker swapping or mis-identification problems.
  • High Speed/frame rate.
  • Cost efective.
  • Larger Field-of-View.
  • Portable.
  • Real-Time output.

Optical-Passive Marker Technology 3D Motion Capture System

Optical Passive Marker 3D motion Capture systems have defined and set the standards, historically of Motion Capture Industry. With constant improvement in Technology and Hardware for Animation, Rehabilitation and Virtual Reality 3D Motion capture, Motion Analysis Corporation has been at the fore-front of passive marker
technology and introducing innovative products at regular interval. Their Raptor Camera series being the latest that enables under direct sun-light motion capture, first for any Passive Marker system. ....more

Hybrid Technology 3D Motion trackers use combination of Technologies, like Ultrasonic, Active, Passive, Inertial, RFID and Vision processing.

Personal Space Technologies makes real-time, robust, high precision, 6DOF 3D Motion Trackers and 3D Medical Visualization workstations:

PST-Iris- The PST Iris is an optical measurement/tracking system that measures the 3D positions of either active or passive markers affixed to objects. Using this information, each PST Iris is able to determine the position and orientation of marked devices within a specific measurement volume. The PST Iris is an optical measurement system that allows you to transform any object into a 3D measurement device. Each IRIS tracker is able to work independently and can be connected
PST Tracker
with more trackers to create an even bigger measurement volume. ....more

Hexamite HX6 and HX19 Ultrasonic+RFID 3D Motion Tracking System:

Hexamite HX19 is the low cost, latest technology 3d Motion Tracking sytsem that takes advantage to both Ultrasonic and RFID technlolgy in the same sensor housing. Features are
  1. Coverage from a few square meters to thousands

InertialLabs Inertial-Gyro 3D Motion Capture System-3DSuit

3DSuit is affordable price, full-body, camera-less, wireless Inertial Motion Capture System. It is a flexible solution that can be used ....more