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cad engineering services works in the Technology Areas related to 3D Motions and Visualization, in India.

We never forget that our customers are looking for Solutions ,not simply Products. They depend on us for delivering cost effective, user-friendly solutions that work. Integration of disparate components, customization, and development, obviously come as part of the delivery model. Products constitute part of that exercise . Our partnership with key industry players help us doing so, successfully.

Below is a brief introduction of solution areas that we work in.

This field relates to Data Capture and Analysis of 3D Motions, and other Neuro-Physiological data of human/animal body/parts, for the purpose of Research and clinical

Tracked, Immersive 3D Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Visualization, Simulation, Performance Capture for Real-Time Broadcast Animation, 3D Motion Capture for Films/Games/Animation/Advertisement and Visual Effects:

This is another application category of 3D Motion Tracking/capture. We offer consultancy, development , installation and support of Immersive 3 D Virtual Reality solution for Interactive 3D CAD design reviews, Ergonomics Analysis, Form and Fit studies, Assembly-Dis-assembly studies, Training & Evaluation in a completely computer generated Immersive 3D environment with exceptional realizm. User is immersed in the scene and scene follows his head movements while his body, finger movements are replicated in the scene in real-time.

3D Stereo imaging and Stereotactic Localization of Electrode positions on Head for 3D visualization of Medical data in Biomedical application uses 3D Motion Trackers. Medical Surgical Simulators and 3D navigation products also use real-time 3D Motion Tracking.

3D Cinema is the new trend for home and commercial entertainment. We also offer consultancy for 3D Motion Capture driven production pipeline and all types of Stereo 3D Visualization technology solutions for 3D shooting, broadcast and presentation. On offer are HMD(Head Mounted Displays), Active, Passive, Infitec and others for profession, home as well as 3D Cinema. ....more

We also offer various solutions/Products for Biomedical

investigations of Musculo-skeletal abnormalities, known as Gait Analysis. Application includes Functional Testing of Prosthetic Devices, Locomotion studies for mobility, control and balance, Sports Kinesiology/Biomechanical studies for Sports Technique analysis, Walking, Running Gait studies, assessing potential for Sports injuries or performance enhancement, Treatment planning and evaluation of effectiveness of treatment regime, Industrial/Workplace Human Factors/Ergonomics issues, Usability studies, Man-Machine Interaction, Grasp and Reach Analysis, Gesture Research, Behavior Research, so on and so forth.

Products used could be 3D Motion Trackers/Capture Systems for Tracking Head/Body/Fingers/Face, Force Platforms/Instrumented Treadmills for Ground Reaction Force for Inverse Kinematics/Dynamics Analysis, Load Cells, EMG, FNIR, NIR, ECG,EEG and other Physiological sensor systems, Eye Trackers, Robotic Arm, 3D Human Modelling and Inverse Kinematics/Dynamics Analysis Software, ....more

3D Motion Captures for Entertainment purposes is a special area of interest to us. We deliver cost effective, Real-time and latest Technology solutions for capturing 3D motions of performers. The solutions include full body of multiple actors as well as fingers and facial capture. no matter the area that you wish to cover the performance in, the required resolution and speed.

Realtime 3D Motion Capture/Tracking is also used for Real-time Broadcast animation, Interactive 3D Games, Animation, 3D Motion Capture for capturing motions for Games, Films, Advertisements. 3D film making is very much dependent on Real-time 3D Motion Capture, as virtual Camera allows the director to pre-visualize camera movements in a Virtual Scene in Real-time. Products that find application in these type of solutions are 3D Motion Trackers, 3D Motion Capture System, Datagloves, Haptics Devices, Head Mounted Displays, 3D Stereo Projection Systems,Force-Feedback devices, Eye Trackers, Cluster Solutions, 3D Scanners, Animation Software, VR/AR Authoring Software Platform, 3D modeling software, ....more

assessment, Sports and Performance Sciences, Fitness and Rehabilitation. Functional Gait Rehabilitation is another area where we offer Instrumented Treadmill based, self-paced Gait learning device that works on Visual and Auditory cues. High Performance Computing solutions like workstations and cluster solutions for 3D Visualization and software for 3D Modelling and Animation are offered as add-on as part of a complete package. It may include recording Biomechnaics parameters like joint kinematics, 3D Motions, Ground Force Reactions, EMG, EEG, ECG, HRV, Respiration, NIR, FNIR etc..

G roup HR Telemetry System enables on-field fitness/performance assessment for an entire team.

Functional Strength Evaluation System offers the Coaches and Trainers ....more

Other solution segment is Orthotics & Prosthetics CAD/CAM Systems. 3D Scanners are used to quickly scan the anatomical shapes, modifying them and sendig them for quick fabrication to O&P CNC machines and/or Thermoforming machines. Footwear design is also their application area.

3D Scanning also finds application in Archeology, Art Creativity and Cultural preservation, Entertainment, Medical, Forensics, Metrology, Wood-Working or Custom Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping. ....more