Force Platforms

Force Platforms are used for capturing ground reaction forces for Biomechanics, for Inverse dynamics Analysis. For balance studies, 3 component platforms can work but for dynamic Gait Biomechanics analysis, 6 component Force Plates, that can capture vertical as well as shear/moments about X, Y and Z axis, are required. There are following Force Platforms available:

Sensix 6 Component Force Platforms-Floor Mount:

Sensix designs, manufactures and markets high-precision force-torque sensors and platforms through innovative dimensioning method. Sensix also offers consultancy services and solutions for the integration of its products.

Due to its six components force-torque sensors the force plate measures the force applied on its upper plate. With the location of the center of pressure, this biomechanical sensor is proving to be an indispensable tool in the evaluation of muscular effort generated by the subjects during the execution of their movement. It is very well adapted to the fields of biomechanics and medicine (sports or rehabilitation medicine) which studies are intended to analyze gestures such as walking, running or jumping. The force plate is also an essential device to measure effort which contact surface is important. Its dimensions and measuring range can be adapted to specific needs.

Sensix makes cost effective, precise and reliable strain gauge sensor based, floor mountable 6 component Force Platforms in many sizes and Force/Torque range.

  1. Standard- 400x600 mm

  2. Large- 450x1000mm

  3. Very Large- 450x2000mm

  4. Custom