Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation/Training

Motek Rehabilitation and Analysis Systems

MotekForceLink products are used for clinical analysis and training as well as Research. The many available application options make the products suitable for research and clinical treatment in neurology, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, physical therapy, sports, and psychology.


What is CAREN?

The Computer Assissted Rehabiliation ENvironment (CAREN) is a versatile, multi sensory system for clinical analysis, rehabilitation, evaluation and registration of the human balance system. The use of virtual reality enables researchers to assess the subject’s behavior and includes sensory inputs like visual, auditory, vestibular and tactile.

World's most advanced Biomechanical Lab

The functionality of the CAREN system is unique in the world and is being used by some of the best and most advanced clinical and research facilities. Our client base includes: Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brooke Army Medical Center and many others.

Broad Range of Functionality

The CAREN can be used in many different types of research and clinical paradigms, patient populations and fields of interest.

Custom Design that fits your needs

The CAREN system can be tailor-made for each client with options to extend the virtual reality projection, kinetic and kinematic add-ons, wireless EMG and other device integration using our D-Flow software. We also offer the CAREN in three typical setups ranging from a balance orientated setup with flat screen projection to a full dome with dual belt treadmill.

CAREN Explained

In this video you can see how the CAREN is used at the Military Rehabilitation Center in Doorn.


Gait Lab of the Future

GRAIL is a total package solution for gait analysis and gait training. GRAIL empowers user friendly assessments and exercises, in challenging conditions, to improve (pathological) gait patterns. Real-time feedback in GRAIL enable analysis and training during the same session.

Why Choose GRAIL

GRAIL facilitates the analysis and training of impaired walking in patients with neurological and neuromuscular problems, orthopedic patients, and the elderly. The rich, immersive Virtual Reality environments combined with existing scientifically proven clinical protocols offer a faster and better rehabilitation process. All this functionality requires less than 1/3 of the lab space of a traditional gait lab, with a 100% utilization rate because of the extensive training options.


Conventional gait analysis is, although scientifically proven to be effective,

time consuming, complex, and expensive, which means that most labs limit their service to a small number of patients. The GRAIL’s fully instrumented dual-belt treadmill allows you to measure and analyse hundreds of steps in just a few minutes. The treadmill’s self-paced mode enables the patient to initiate gait and walk at a self selected pace, while the treadmill and the VR environment run in perfect synchronization to create a natural optical flow. Because of these unique features patients walking on a GRAIL show a natural variance in gait that is also seen in walking over ground. (Krogt et al, 2014; Gates et al., 2012).

How GRAIL Works

Synchronized VR environments, projected on a semi-cylindrical screen, immerse the patient in virtual worlds and natural walking environments.

GRAIL combines a fully instrumented treadmill with a self-paced option, an integrated motion capture system, 3 video cameras, and an EMG system. All the components are integrated and synchronized via the D-Flow software making the information available in real-time for the calculation of all gait parameters. Simulate walking uphill & downhill, combined with visual stimuli, to challenge patients while measuring gait behavior to perform a ‘functional gait analysis’.

Functional Gait Analysis

The GRAIL’s unique combination of real-time data processing, treadmill perturbations and virtual reality allows you to challenge the patient with mechanical, visual and cognitive dual-tasks in a safe, controlled environment. Measuring the changes in gait pattern during these situations allows for the identification and quantification of pathology specific compensation strategies or determining the dynamic stability. Once the gait analysis is completed, a training session can be initiated to improve the impaired gait functionality right away.

Offline Analysis

The Gait Offline Analysis Tool (GOAT) offers intuitive data analysis and


Modular Treadmill System

The M-Gait is modular, enabling various system enhancements to improve the functionality of your set-up. A 3D instrumented treadmill can be upgraded with pitch and/or sway, motion capture, Virtual Reality, Body Weight Support and many other features.

What is the Basic Setup?

The M-Gait Basic Setup contains a 3D instrumented treadmill that measures

ground reaction forces, center-of-pressure, and spatio-temporal parameters. Left and right belt speed can be controlled separately, allowing a split belt walking protocol and advanced gait research applications mimicking tripping or slipping, provoked by sudden belt stops or accelerations.


The M-Gait is controlled by the D-Flow software which provides real-time system control and a application development environment using visual programming. Different modules can be added to the D-Flow software to extend the functionality.

System Enhancements Improve Functionality

Various system enhancements are possible, which increase both the clinical and the research possibilities of your M-Gait. See below for the available addons, please contact us for more detailed specifications.

Pitch and Sway

Add dynamic pitch and sway to enhance your M-Gait. The flexible D-Flow software platform can be configured to control fast pitch and sway of the walking surface. Treadmill perturbations can be used to study pathology specific responses, allowing for a more functional gait analysis.

Virtual Reality Environment

Create a high-end Virtual Reality Environment with a large flat screen projection or a truly immersive experience with the 180 degree projection screen and the surround sound audio system. Enhance even further with a 3D stereoscopic projection.

Motion Capture

Enhance your clinical gait analysis and research options by adding a 3D

motion capture system to your M-Gait system. The flexible D-Flow software platform can be configured to work with motion capture data acquisition and synchronize real-time processing, in combination with any parameter in your set-up.

Body Weight Support

Add a Body Weight Support (BWS) to your system in order to enhance your M-Gait’s functionality. The BWS is designed to facilitate functional gait training of patients with gait impairments by enabling vertical unloading during walking on a treadmill.

Device Integration

Various other sensors and systems can be integrated, for example the Human Body Model, Electromyography, Video cameras, Accelerometers and many others. Contact us for more details.

Your Customized Solution?

Feel free to contact us for a customized solution. We are experienced both in integrating hardware components as well as in the clinical and research application of the technology.

D-Flow Software

Visual Programming

The D-Flow software is a visual programming tool designed for the development of interactive and immersive virtual reality applications, for the purpose of clinical research and rehabilitation. The D-Flow software system allows an operator to define feedback strategies through a flexible and extensible application development framework, based on visual programming.


D-Flow is based on the concept of modules: manageable components with a specific functionality, which can be combined to create complex, interactive virtual reality applications. There are various types of modules present in the D-Flow software system. Some modules directly control specific hardware devices, such as a treadmill or a motion base. Other hardware modules provide access to real-time data streams from live input devices or control the virtual environment.

Device Integration

The D-Flow software platform has integrated many different hardware devices, ranging from infra-red motion capture cameras, 6-degree of freedom platforms and dual belt treadmills to inertia sensors and haptic devices. Many of the MotekforceLink products are powered by the D-Flow software, like CAREN, GRAIL, and M-Gait.

Real-Time Feedback

Key to the D-Flow software is that the subject is regarded as an integral part of a real-time feedback loop, in which multi-sensory input devices measure the behavior of the subject, while output devices return motorsensory, visual and auditory feedback to the subject.

Application Development

The D-Flow software system allows an operator to define feedback strategies through a flexible and extensible application development framework, based on visual programming.

Fast Feedback Loop

Balancing a small stick in the palm of your hand requires the brain to interpret the movement of the stick, choose a counter movement and execute this movement before the stick reaches a critical point. The video on the right shows just how we are able to perform this task using the D-Flow software, motion capture and a motion base. For more information on D-flow please contact us.

Human Body Model

What is the Human Body Model?

The Human Body Model (HBM) is a computer model of the complete human body, including all joints representing a total of 46 kinematic degrees of freedom. The HBM is used to calculate and visualizes joint rotations, joint moments and muscle forces for real-time and off-line analysis.

Real-Time Movement Analysis

Biomechanical analysis of movement has an important role in clinical management of many neurological and orthopedic conditions, but also for sports purposes. HBM facilitates movement analysis in real-time, by providing immediate feedback to both the therapist and the patient.

Clinical Application

With HBM clinicians, physical or exercise therapists directly benefit from realtime and off-line visualization of specific motion variables. Additional information about internal forces and moments which are otherwise fundamentally invisible can be analyzed.

Scientific Basis

The Human Body Model is based on “van den Bogert et al. (2013) A real-time system for biomechanical analysis of human movement and muscle function” as published in Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing.


All-directional. Natural, Next-Generation 3D Bodyweight Support System for Overground Gait Analysis Labs

The RYSEN’s highly innovative technical design combines vertical and horizontal assistive forces, offering an intuitive therapy setup with unprecedented freedom of movement in natural conditions. Following the motor learning principles, the RYSEN covers critical ground for clinical and research purposes, allowing patients to transition into daily life activities by safely exercising at their optimal challenge point.

With the RYSEN, you can personalise vertical and horizontal assistive forces for individual patients. Thereby increasing the range of functional locomotor activities a subject can carry out at each phase of rehabilitation.

The RYSEN system is intended for patients with disorders affecting locomotion, who are not able to perform rehabilitation training without bodyweight support. These disorders may be the result of various clinical conditions, including but not limited to stroke, spinal cord injury or amputations.

The RYSEN’s highly innovative technical design combines vertical and horizontal assistive forces, offering an intuitive therapy setup with unprecedented freedom of movement in natural conditions. Following the motor learning principles, the RYSEN covers critical ground for clinical and research purposes, allowing patients to transition into daily life activities by safely exercising at their optimal challenge point.

The RYSEN eliminates sideway limitations and minimises interference with a patient’s voluntary movement. Calibrated horizontal and vertical assistive forces match desired body-weight support so that patients can move freely in optimal conditions.

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