Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation/Training

Gait Training, Analysis and Rehabilitation devices are used for Gait Analysis, Training and Rehabilitation of the persons with Neuro-Muscular disorders and injuries, Post-Surgery, Stroke, Patients fitted with artificial limbs, performance/strength enhancement. Following products are available.

MotekForceLink products, like CAREN, GRAIL and M-GAIT are used for clinical analysis and training as well as Research. The many available application options make the products suitable for research and clinical treatment in neurology, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, physical therapy, sports, and psychology ....more

The research activities of the Department of Cognitive Science at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston have shown that, through rehabilitation in a virtual environment, the central nervous system receives feedback signals increased (augmented feedback) which, during the execution of voluntary movements even if altered by the disease, induces profound changes in cortical and subcortical synaptic and cellular level that are responsible for the restoration of motor activity even in patients who, for example, have had extensive head injuries and strokes.

The virtual environment is developed from the operational protocol resulting from a treatment method in neuromotor virtual environment, developed at the Department of Cognitive Sciences at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, using the most advanced knowledge of neurophysiological processes of motion learning and memorization processes.... more