Immersive Display Systems

Immersive Display Systems are pre-built, off-the-shelf display solutions with curved, dome, multi sided display screens for simulators and Immersive Virtual Reality applications.

Custom Immersive Display Systems:

We offer variety of custom immersive systems, multi-wall CAVE type, Power Walls, Curved Screens. The desired resolution/pixel density, size and shape can be achieved by multiple projectors, edge and color blended, Geometry corrected.

Either it is for static setup or for installation on a Motion Platform, Mono or Stereo 3D for coverage of any Field Of View. The display solution could be complemented with suitable image generators, Graphics Hardware Processor, 3D Motion Tracker, Controller etc..

Off-the-Shelf Immersive Displays:

These are pre-built and configured Immersive Projection Systems consisting of own screen, projection and control options. They are cost effective and tested, proven products for immersive displays.

Immersive Display Limited:

Immersive Display is UK based supplier of Immersive Display Systems based on Omni focus lens, where a single projector covers the entire field-of-view. Immersive Display UK provides high quality immersive 3D display systems for use in set design, live marketing, training, vehicle simulation & product presentation.

1. Immersapod: Originally created for use as a flight & driving simulator, the ImmersaPod naturally evolved into a 3D immersive viewing environment for a host of varying projects and uses. The ImmersaPod is the ideal product for projects such as museum exhibits, point of sale kiosks, live marketing, interactive marketing stands, exhibitions, training and flight simulation, architectural walk-throughs, 3D content creation and more besides.

Made from rigid GRP and tamper-proof, the 2 metre wide ImmersaPod uses the OmniFocus™ single-lens projection system to produce unrivalled 180° horizontal x 135° vertical viewing. With clear, sharp and precise imagery and an unrivalled sense of immersion for the viewer., Live For Speed Racing Simulator on the ImmersaPod 2.0 The ImmersaPod has been used by clients including the Science Museum (exhibition), Microsoft (games launch), V1 Racing (racing simulator), Lakeside Aquarium (interactive museum exhibit). Technical Specifications Projection System: Various. 2 metre wide one piece GRP screen, powder coated steel frame construction featuring tamper-proof PC and projector housing with integral power and imaging solutions.

2. Immersadome:

The ImmersaDome is available in either deployable fabric or rigid grp hardshell. The ImmersaDome is suitable for public display use & provides outstanding immersive viewing with a bright, clear display.

The ImmersaDome hardshell: The ImmersaDome has a 180° horizontal x 135° vertical field of view & is a free-standing hardshell structure designed for use as a semi-permanent or permanent exhibit in galleries & museums, group training & flight or driver simulation. Available in 2.0, 3.2, 4.0 & 5.6 metre domes.

The ImmersaDome Deployable: The ImmersaDome Deployable has a 180° horizontal x 135° vertical field of view, is easy to set up, fully-inflatable and designed for use at trade shows, exhibitions & in flight or driver simulation. Available in 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0 metre domes.

Technical Specifications for ImmersaDome Deployable & Hardshell Projection System: Various.

  1. ImmersaWorld: The new ImmersaWorld 8 metre Outdoor has been launched. The new specification means that the ImmersaWorld now inflates in 10 minutes and is fully operational within 30 minutes. Contact us for more information. The ImmersaWorld is a portable and fully inflatable immersive planetarium and cinema solution. Ideal for public display or exhibitions and with a rapid set-up feature, the ImmersaWorld is the ideal solution for capturing larger audiences with amazing graphics and unrivalled projection.

The ImmersaWorld is wheelchair accessible, 100% inflatable, and can be used by up to 25 adults at a time. Available with many projector and multiple projector angle options using the HAAM projector mounting. Technical Specifications Omnifocus™ lens with 180° horizontal x 135° vertical projection 7.5 metre external diameter, 6.5 metre internal diameter Horizontal, vertical or tilted orientation 100% inflatable Smooth screen projection surface, includes numerous options for projection screen material.

Cadet: The Cadet Planetarium solution offers outstanding performance as both a planetarium and an immersive cinema solution. • Easy to set-up or break-down and ready for use in approximately 15 minutes • Low maintenance and support requirements make it one of the most competitively priced planetariums on the market

  • A complete solution, the Cadet comes with; travel case, HAAM projector mounting, sample movie files & planetarium software
  • Exceptional resolution and brightness enables true planetarium presentations
  • Technical Specification
  • Projection System: Various