Robotic Hand and Arm

Prenislia Robotic Hand and Arm

Prensilia designs, customizes and manufactures advanced anthropomorphic under-actuated robotic hands endowed with embedded actuation, sensory and control systems, that can be exploited in research as advanced hand prostheses, end-effectors for humanoid robots, for rehabilitation and/or neuroscientific experiments; in general, in all research fields where it is important to have an artificial hand that behaves as a natural one.

IH2 Robotic Hands (Self-contained)

Intrinsic robotic hands with all functional components (5 motors, tactile sensors and control electronics) integrated in the palm and in the underactuated, self-adaptive fingers. Able to perform multiple grasps and sense objects. Simple communication interface (RS-232 over USB or Bluetooth). Standard prosthetic wrist attachments available (compatible with Ottobock QWD).

The compact size of these hands allows using them in research, evaluation and clinical experience with humans in real daily living environments on human-machine interfaces (either invasive or non-invasive) and control (EMG, ENG, EEG, sensory feedback systems, etc). Not only! Due to their light weight and anthropomorphism they are suitable as robotic end-effectors on limited pay-load robotic arms.

Key Features

  • Light weight: 640 g only!
  • Compliant grasp: adapts to object shape
  • Fast (1 kHz) internal control loops: current, position, force
  • NEW: Embedded force sensors
  • NEW: RS-232 (over USB) and Bluetooth communication

Tech specs





Power supply

9V@5A peak


640 g

Cylindrical power grasp

35 N

Full finger's flexion speed

~1 s

Quick disconnect wrist available on request

Mia hand:

Mia: the brand new Prensilia hand. Mia was launched in October at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots, IROS 2018, in Madrid, and at the International Conference on Neurorehabilitation, ICNR 2018, in our hometown Pisa. Contact us now for more information, availability and pre-ordering.

Mia is an electric anthropomorphic end effector, suitable in: flexible manufacturing plants, social and/or humanoid collaborative robots, bio-automation, ergonomics, prosthetics, human-machine interface research, and wherever a gripper with hand-like features may become handy. The three embedded motors allow to interact with the environment and to grasp objects and tools as humans do. Fingertip sensors allow to regulate the grasping force. Embedded functions and a simple control interface based on RS-232 makes integration seamless, saving you money and time.

Key Features:

  • Robust and powerful: grip force up to 70 N
  • Light weight: 500 g
  • Dust and splash resistant
  • Highly customizable: virtually infinite color combinations
  • Cost-effective

Tech. Specs.

Number of motors


Grasps and gestures

power, precision, lateral, pointing up, pointing down


position, speed and current



Power supply

7-13V@4A peak


less than 500 g!

Grip force (all grasps)

up to 70 N

Full finger's flexion speed

~0.5 s

Several wrist options available