Hybrid 3D Motion Trackers

Inertial-Gyro Hybrid Technology 3D Motion Trackers are good option for very large area, outdoor 3D Motion tracking for Animation, Games, Biomechanics ad other applications.

NANSENSE full body and fingers 3D Motion tracker

NANSENSE develops advanced kinematics software, professional inertial and hybrid sensing technologies to animate digital characters for video games, films, virtual reality, biomechanics, medical and sport science industries.

NANSENSE offers a variety of full-body motion capture suits at different price points that are ideal for animation studios and research institutions focused on biomechanics, sport and medical science.


The NANSENSE full-body motion capture suit consists of a technologically advanced body sensor network containing up to 54 intelligent 9DOF absolute orientation sensors and pressure sensors capable of capturing everything from gross motor skills to fine finger articulation. Aside from the hardware, the suits come with premium skins, headbands, straps, gloves. Storage and transportation options include an ultra portable backpack or a watertight, crushproof and dustproof hard case.

At the heart of every NANSENSE system lies a central processing unit,

a minicomputer that powers and interfaces the entire system six high-speed transfer buses. The hub has a built-in data logger that can store hundreds of recording in their raw format without the need of a computer.

The suit is made of the highest quality fabrics with special foam padding designed to maximize data accuracy and reduce unintended sensor movements. The suit comes in three sizes: small, medium and large and may be custom tailored upon request. The anatomically correct design of the fabric is designed to be both comfortable, easy to wash and to last.

The suit and glove bundles come in three configurations, which differ primarily in the amount of sensors found in each glove. All suits and configurations can be customized upon request. Suits with less sensors replace sensor data with synthetic data created by our proprietary kinematic solvers.


Let's start with the basics. NANSENSE suits retain firm foot placement and stable upper body data during walk cycles. Walking can take place on even planes, inclines and custom terrains.


NANSENSE systems can now understand when you jump, how high you jump and the direction of the jump. The jump is always accurate, dependable and repeatable whether it is a hop or a leap.


Running is a mixture of juming and walking requiring precise jump detection. NANSENSE systems allow actors to run while accurately detecting and compensating positional drift.


NANSENSE systems can track sitting surfaces and compute clean transitions between sitting and standing. We emphasise sitting because we found that many takes require the actor to sit down.


Whether you are climbing a ladder or walking up stairs, NANSENSE systems can process your vertical displacement, interpret floor planes and clean up your height tracking data.


NANSENSE developed technologies and techniques to compensate positional drift during walking, jumping and running to ensure that the relative position of actors in the scene is accurate over time.


NANSENSE offers a variety of highly accurate finger tracking technologies. While generally bundled with suits, the gloves can be bought individually for use with other motion capture technologies.


No metal object or magnetic environment will damage, destroy or alter the properties of a sensor permanently such that it will no longer function correctly when returned to normal conditions.


NANSENSE systems can be synchronized with other tracking technologies such as optical stages or with consumer VR hardware to track props, disembodied hands or drive other parts of the body.

The suit and glove bundles come in three configurations, which differ primarily in the amount of sensors found in each glove. All suits and configurations can be customized upon request. Suits with less sensors replace sensor data with synthetic data created by our proprietary kinematic solvers.


The Indie bundle is a fully featured version of our suits for character animation. It provides full-body articulation but replaces certain sensors with FK/IK solvers. While this is our most inexpensive suit, this package benefits from many of the features of the more expensive suits. This bundle can be upgraded with the corresponding Indie gloves and is perfect for game development and quick productions.


The Pro bundle is our state-of-the-art animation suit featuring 40 inertial measurement units placed on every major part of the body and fingers. We use it most often in production for character animation in conjunction with our 12 sensor gloves. It measures the human form accurately and dependably and provides stunning animation data with clean F-curves that require minimal cleanup.


The BioMed bundle is NANSENSE's most advanced motion capture system featuring fifty sensors placed throughout the body and hands. This bundles measures the articulated spine chain, complex shoulders and finger tips. This bundle is ideal for research institutions and schools interested in biomechanics and medical science research.


NANSENSE gloves are best in class tools for capturing high-resolution fingers data. Each glove is carefully constructed to be anatomically correct using high performance fabrics. NANSENSE glove sensors remain one of the world's smallest and most powerful, designed to endure the abuse of professional recording sessions.

The NANSENSE glove is a IMU-based solution for high-res finger tracking consisting of a network of proprietary sensors. Each sensor measures motion in 9 degrees of freedom to determine the correct orientation of each digit. The gloves can be purchased individually, as a pair or as part of a suit bundle. Like the suits, the gloves come in three configurations that vary in cost and the amount of sensors placed on each finger. Less expensive models with fewer sensors replace real sensor data with synthetic data concluded by intelligent kinematic solvers. Although the data of the glove is primarily the result of IMUs, NANSENSE uses an advanced FK/IK hand solver along with machine learning and an advanced constrain systems to correct motion capture data in real-time. NANSENSE gloves can also simulate palm deformations.

For those interested in scientifically accurate hand data, NANSENSE offers kinematic model generation pipelines to generate accurate hand skeletons very quickly. NANSENSE glove data can be exported in any motion capture file format as well as easy to understand text/spreadsheet formats. NANSENSE glove data can be broadcasted to any third party software application.

For those interested in beautiful animation data, NANSENSE offers multiple modes of operation designed that simplify the data cleanup process. For example, finger-to-finger interaction mode allows users to calibrate each finger's interaction with each other finger to achieve more accurate hand poses. Pinch mode improves the glove's ability to touch finger tips.


NANSENSE offers a fully-featured software architecture for professional animation motion capture, retargeting, data cleaning and post processing recorded data.


NANSENSE's fifth generation sensors are smaller and more powerful than ever. With an internal update rate of 1000Hz and measuring 2000degrees/sec, the tri-axial gyroscope, magnetometer and 16G accelerometer compensate drift and calculate the orientation of each limb.


NANSENSE sensors are optimized for ultra-low power consumption (approximately 16mAh depending on frame-rate). Depending on configuration, systems ship with either 13000mAh or 20000mAh 5V batteries to ensure a full day's capture on a single charge, equating to more than eight hours battery life.


The systems connect to the computer generally through WiFi but also through Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet. PCs can also be configured as WiFi hotspot for router-less capture, which is often very convenient for on-site motion capture.


NANSENSE systems can be configured to sample and output data at 24, 60, 90, 120 and 240 frames per second.


External latency is less than 20 milliseconds depending on connectivity method. Internal latency is less than 6 milliseconds, ensuring that each frame of data is outputted by the system in real-time, which is ideal for live performances and virtual reality.


Syncing is the act of aligning motion capture data with that produced by other systems. All NANSENSE systems are SMPTE compliant with all LTC timecode formats and source inputs. NANSENSE proprietary wireless sync hardware provides continuous syncing with an accuracy of one frame of motion. This non-invasive approach requires no jam sync and solves all data misalignment issues dependably.


NANSENSE systems can be interconnected with helmet mounted cameras, video reference cameras, audio equipment, Vicon and Optitrak motion capture stages and HTC Vive trackers to produce occlusion-free hybrid tracking solutions.


NANSENSE plugins are designed to facilitate the bridging of motion capture data between the main software and third-party software applications such as animation software and game engines. Most plugins are free and open-sourced as we support the integration of our systems with other software.


Like plugins, NANSENSE pipelines are designed to facilitate a bridge with third-party software applications but also to establish a workflow enabling users to quickly batch process and batch retarget animation files onto character models. NANSENSE actively engages with motion capture stages to make custom pipelines for production.