Useful Links

Please browse individual pages for downloading datasheets and other materials. This page will be populated soon with categorized, product wise links to Open Source, Educational and Research resources on the web. Some are given below.

Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineering:

  1. Open Sim and Sim TK- Open Source Biomechnical inverse and forward dynamics modelling and analysis software :
  2. StradX 3D Ultrasound Software:

Virtual Reality:

  1. A list of VR Softwares for education:
  2. Popular, open source VR Software library:
  3. Open Source VR Midelleware:
  4. Free VR software library;
  5. VRPN software library for interfacing VR hardware:
  6. Open Tracker interface for 3D VR Interaction:
  7. Open Scene Graph Graphics Tool Kit:
  8. Open Source Haptics Project:

3D Modelling:

  1. Molecular Modelling-Open Source: