Solutions & Service Offerings

3D Gait Biomechanics Analysis Solution:

If you have to compute joint forces and torques, or find out the power being developed at joints of human body for energy expenditure assessments, you need to look at the requirements very closely.

3D Visualization for Biomedical, Entertainment and Science:

If you need a solution for 3d Biomedical image reconstruction or too tracking , in real-time, for training simulators or for image guided procedures, please contact us. Or, if you are looking for a 3D cinema projection solution, we can provide you Active, Infitec and new, without resolution loss technology solutions, in fact, the most appropriate solution that may include:

  1. 3D Motion Trackers both Electromagnetic & Optical. Medical compliant, if required
  2. 3d Stereo Projection set up with glasses or Head Mounted Display
  3. Haptics Devices
  4. 3D Image reconstruction library


Neuro-Behavioral Research:

If your research demand hand, head and Eyes of you human and non-human primates subject to be tracked, synchronously for behavior research and you want the ability to send/present Audio, Visual or Haptics stimuli and record the response in real-time, just let us know. You may need to do drive behavior research or Retail Effectiveness studies in real or virtual set-up. We have many solutions for these types of applications. Solution components are:

  1. Eye Tracker
  2. Head/Body 3D Motion Trackers
  3. Head Mounted Displays
  4. Data gloves
  5. Stereo 3D, Immersive projection
  6. End Point robotic arm
  7. Haptics devices


Human Factors Research Solutions:

For Industrial engineering applications either for Physical or Cognitive ergonomics, we offer many solutions. You may want a solution for computing joint force/torques on the body of industrial worker going through daily job related tasks or posture tracking for Biomechanics analysis in an Office setting in real or simulated environments. You may also want to track the eyes, body, posture, hands and fingers of a driver/pilot in in-vehicle, on-board environments. We have the right solution for you. Following products might be used for this.

  1. 3D Motion Trackers/ Capture Systems
  2. Force Platforms
  3. Load Cells
  4. Neuro-Physiological Signals measurement systems
  5. Biomechanics modelling & Analysis Software
  6. Eye Trackers
  7. Head Mounted Display
  8. Data gloves
  9. 3D Stereo Projection Systems
  10. Haptics/Force-feedback Devices


There are many components (hardware and software) for accurately calculating these quantities for Human Locomotion studies. It largely depends on your specific requirements and that can vary greatly from application to application. For example, for Gait Analysis, you may require a 3d motion capture that has high sufficiently resolution to correctly align force platforms in Virtual Lab corresponding to your actual Lab Coordinate systems, but moderate sampling rate should not be a problem. But for Sports Biomechainal studies, you need a system with very high sampling rate to capture fast paced movements of the athlete and also the portability and capability of outdoor operations. Besides, you may need real-time data availability. For research, you additionally may require clean and un-filtered raw data.

For measuring Ground Reaction Forces, you may need large force platforms for Sports applications while for Gait Analysis, you may get away with small sized Force Plates. For Balance Studies, you may get away with 3 component (vertical only) force-platform but for dynamic movement analysis, a 6 component(3 forces and 3 moments about X,Y and Z axis) force platform or Instrumented Treadmill. For capturing reliable GRF data from each foot for complete gait cycle, you may need dual belt, Instrumented Treadmills. Similarly, you may prefer wire-free sEMG System for Sports and Patient Gait analysis.

In short, choosing the right combination may be overwhelming. There may be a combination of any or all components in the following list:

  1. 3D Motion Capture System
  2. Force Platforms, Instrumented Treadmills
  3. Neuro-Physiological signal measurement system
  4. Eye Trackers
  5. Video Cameras for recording reference videos from different view-points
  6. 3D Biomechanics modeling and analysis software for Inverse Kinematics/Dynamics computations

There are many options for each of the above. Whether you need to do link model based Inverse Kinematics Modelling/Analysis or to make muscle actuated model or forward dynamics for validation of Inverse Kinematics/Dynamics models, we offer complete solution and also installation, support and training.


3D Performance Capture Solutions for Real-time Animation, Games, TV, Films Visual Effects and Broadcast:

For capturing the 3d motions for Entertainment, there are many solutions, according to requirements. You may need facial capture, fingers capture, in addition to

Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation:

capturing the full body of a single or multiple actors in large capture volume. At times, you may also need to broadcast live, the animated model driven by actual performer. or your requirements could simply be of capturing 3d motions for Games. Virtual Camera provides for real-time pre-visualization of scene, in 3D for the aid of director. One or more of the following products may be needed needed for specific purposes:

Please contact for you specific requirements of setting up a Motion Capture driven production pipe-line.

  1. 3D Motion Trackers, Capture Systems
  2. Data gloves
  3. 3D Scanners
  4. 3D Modeling, Animation Software
  5. High Performance Computing Systems
  6. Storage
  7. Cluster render platforms
  8. Broadcast mixers


In Sports & Performance Sciences, main requirement for solutions is that the solution should be capable of outdoor operation. Other requirements are high speed of data capture, accuracy and user-friendly operation. you may need to capture 3D Motions of the sportsmen for technique analysis or for injury prevention. You may need the study patient's Gait to get the idea of Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal injuries or fatigue analysis, their treatment planning and effectiveness or for rehabilitation. You may need to do stress analysis or may require to record the Heart Rate of the whole team, performing on the playground. We have solution for every need. Product components may include

VR(Virtual Reality)/AR(Augmented Reality Systems)/Simulators:

Virtual Reality is being adopted in mainstream areas of Science, Rehabilitation, Training for Defense, Industrial, Operation and Sports Sciences due to it's advantages of being able to simulate the actual conditions that saves time and money. Your project specific requirements dictate final choice of the product components. That mayinclude:



  1. 3D Motion Trackers/Capture Systems
  2. Head Mounted Displays
  3. Haptics Devices
  4. Immersive CAVE type, Power-wall type or Curved screen displays
  5. Virtual Reality Authoring Software
  6. PLM design and validation software platform and middle wares
  7. Data gloves

We would like to hear from you, if you have specific requirements or if you have some ideas, that need implementation.


O&P CAD/CAM Solutions:

Other solution segment is Orthotics & Prosthetics CAD/CAM Systems. These systems provide quick and accurate fabrication of O&P Sockets, body jackets, custom foot-wears, knee braces, O&P Cosmesis etc..

3D Scanning also finds application in Archeology, Art Creativity and Cultural preserevation, Entertainment, Medical, Forensics, Metrology, Wood-Working or Custom Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.

Functional Gait Rehabilitation is another area where we offer Instruemnted Treadmill based, self-paced Gait learning solution that works on Visual and Auditory cues.

Carefully selected products in Sports Performance and Exercise Science and Engineering, Sports Training, Injury and Therapy/Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine are also on offer.

Integration, Customization, Plug-in Development, Consulting & Product Development:

We offer extensive customization services in 3D Visualization and Biomechanics. We can write special plug-ins, offer consulting for establishing 3D Motion Capture driven production pipe-line, for establishing Gait, Sports Biomechanics Analysis Lab or Virtual Reality Lab/Center for Academic and Production customers. ....more

3D Scanners are used to quickly scan the anatomical shapes, modifying them and sendig them for quick fabrication to O&P CNC machines

and/or Thermoforming machines.

Components may include:

  1. 3D Scanner
  2. O&P Digitizer
  3. O&P CNC Carver
  4. O&P Design Software
  5. O&P Thermoformer