These are miscellaneous, special products, such as Motion Capture Markers, Projection Screens, Motion Capture body targets etc..

Optical Motion Capture System Reflective markers and Accessories

Pearl Reflective Markers-

Highest Quality - Machine Made - Smooth Surface - Precision M4 Threads.

Projection screens, Polarizer Filters & Glasses

Various type of Projection screens, Polarizer Filters & Glasses for 2D and Stereo 3D projections.

Projection Screens

Rear, Front rigid screens and projection foils. Including silver screens for

Pearl Reflective Markers are made with machined hemispheres and a center threaded cylinder resulting in greater spherical accuracy and identification of the marker centroid. Only two hemispherical pieces of 3M 7610 Reflective Material cover each marker and are joined with only a very small seam at the equator. Pearl Reflective Markers provide greater precision for all 3-D motion capture systems. Pearl Markers are reflective at a greater distance than standard markers. Motion Capture Software can distinguish two Pearl Markers placed close together more easily than standard markers. M4 Threads with Hard Plastic Base or Flexible Base.

linear/circular polarization for passive stereo 3d projection.Also, Infitec filters and Glasses for best eye separation for 3D projection on any screen.

Custom Projector and Screen Mounting Assemblies/Frames:

Custom designed and fabricated Mounting structures complex, large CAVE, PowerWALL and Curve type Displays.

Full Body Suits Targets for Motion Capture-

Pre-built targets for 3D Motion Capture of body segments as well as props, for both active and passive markers. Also available are full body suits.