Instrumented Treadmills

Instrumented Treadmills have large force platforms as base, that provide Ground Reaction Force from each foot in each Gait Cycle. If Treadmill is large, then close to natural Feet Strike can be achieved, without chances of partial steps or mis steps, as happens in the Force Platforms, embedded in a walk way. They also save on required lab space although are expensive to purchase, initially. Other important application of Instrumented treadmills is Omni Directional Treadmills that are used for locmotion in Immersive Virtual Reality, Simulated environment.


MotekForceLink makes durable, reliable and precise Instrumented treadmills and also offer very large and odd-sized treadmills for custom specifications.

M-Gait Dual Belt-6 Component instrumented treadmill:

    • The speed of two belts in this treadmill are controlled separately. This supports the an asymmetric gait pattern of a person.
    • Dual Belt systems are used in rehabilitation with the purpose to eliminate the hassle of missed or partial steps.
  • MotekForcelink offers M-Gait Dual belt Instrumented treadmills with 3D force measurement capabilities.
  • An automatic belt steering ensures a minimal gap between the 2 belts.
  • This system optimizes your gait analysis in both walking and running.
  • The high-end treadmill comes with 2 full servo motor units for speeds from absolute 0 in steps of 0,1 km/hr with a 2% accuracy.
  • Speed control independent on 2 belts.
  • Optionally, slow or fast pitch, negative angles, extreme angles and perturbations are available, to give optimal research and analysis capabilities. An Instrumented Treadmill allows for continues data collection.