Orthotics & Prosthetics design Software

O&P design softwares are used to make digital 3d models of O&P devices either by measurement or by 3D scans, to be sent to CNC carving machine.

O&P Design Software:

The O&P Design Software provides you with the tools to design and manufacture positive models for a wide range of O&P devices. This easy-to-use, yet powerful, software uses digitized/scanned shape data

or from library of orthosis, prosthesis and insoles, as its starting point. No changes are made to this initial shape unless you make them. This gives you, the clinician, complete control over the design process.

How does the O&P Design software works? Modifications are made directly on the 3-D computer image, in any order desired. Users can specify new circumference and radius measurements or bend angles numerically by keyboard entry or interactively

on the shape, using a mouse. The software enables clinicians to bend shapes or translate portions of a shape at prescribed levels, smooth the whole shape or a defined area of a shape, modify diameter in any direction - with or without maintaining volume, and modify radius at any specific location or over any portion of the shape. The latest software supports complex AFO and scoliosis patient shapes, enabling you to make more anatomically correct modifications than ever before.

Flexible region modifications offer the ultimate in versatility for generating custom designs. These custom modifications, based on individual casting and design techniques, can be easily saved as "overlays" for future use. Users can mirror regional modifications for symmetrical shapes, specify and edit precise depth of removed or added material at various points within one

region modification, and create pre-defined modifications linked to physical landmarks. As an added benefit, you can easily quantify volume changes in the patient's shape over time. This provides excellent documentation for third party payers who request this information for approving a new orthopedic appliance. The generic shape manipulation capabilities of the software allow successful and rapid production of upper and lower extremity sockets, body jacket positives and AFOs. The CAD/CAM process gives you the opportunity to spend more quality time with your patient, increase productivity levels, and give a professional, high-tech appearance to your business.