Optical Markerless 3D Motion Trackers

New Optical Markerless Motion Capture Systems redefine the Technology. Based on advanced Vision Processing and AI, they provide unparalleled features, and expand the usage of 3D Motion Capture not possible in marker based systems.

  • Simple Setup.

Traditional motion capture requires subjects to wear tight-fitting clothes and dozens of reflective or other types of markers that must be applied by a trained operator. This setup process is time-consuming, inconvenient, and often takes longer than the collection itself. With markerless tracking there are no markers, no special clothes, and almost no setup required.

  • Collect Anywhere.

Collect athletes/actors/subjects on the court or on the field, assess patients in the clinic, and measure movement in the real world. Unlike traditional motion capture systems, markerless tracking is not limited to a specialized laboratory or studio space so you can study movement where it happens.

  • Collect Real Movements.

Athletes/actors/subjects perform best in-game and people behave naturally in familiar environments. Using markerless motion capture, you can record real movements in the the real world without the artifact introduced by the laboratory environment, clothing, and markers required by traditional motion capture systems.

  • Multiple person tracking.

Collect real-time motions of multiple people.

Following Markerless 3D Motion Capture Systems are available.

Theia3D Markerless Motion Capture Solution:

Theia3D is a simple yet powerful markerless motion capture solution that focuses on accuracy and ease of use for research, sport, and clinical applications.

Why Theia3D?

Biomechanics Focus

Theia3D isn’t just another markerless tracking solution – it’s markerless tracking for biomechanics. Every aspect of Theia3D, from the 2D features tracked, to the segment definitions and joint constraints, has been selected to ensure biomechanical accuracy and relevance of the results and to follow standard practice and conventions in the field.

Accurate and General Solution

Theia3D distinguishes itself from the other markerless tracking solutions through its ability to provide a highly accurate and generalized solution to markerless motion capture. Theia3D uses rigid-body tracking and inverse kinematics to fully solve the 3D pose of skeletal segments. Compared to edge-detection and hull-carving techniques, this approach is better for resolving segment rotation to provide an accurate and complete pose estimate. Theia3D is a general solution – it can track a wide range of movements in almost any environment. This is a critical distinction from other specialized markerless tracking solutions that are limited to tracking a specific activity (such as pitching or batting) and cannot be used as a general solution.

Multi-Person Tracking and Automatic Model Creation

When multiple people are visible in the camera views, they are automatically identified and tracked in each view and in 3D. Models are automatically created and scaled for each identified person using parameters inferred from the videos.

Automatic and Batch Processing

The entire analysis pipeline can be executed automatically with no input from the user. This enables efficient batch processing of multiple files. A data maintenance tool is include to automatically organize data for batch analysis.

View and Export Results

Tracked people are rendered in an interactive 3D scene and in 2D video overlays for each of the cameras that are easily exported as video files to visualize results and create presentation materials. Inverse kinematics results can be displayed in the built-in joint and segment angle viewer or exported to a C3D file for further analysis. Export to common animation formats is coming soon.

Integration with Visual3D

Exported C3D files can be opened in Visual3D with automatic model creation for enhanced analysis and reporting. Automatic reports are also available. Visual3D is the premier biomechanics software for measuring movement and offers an unparalleled suite of analysis and reporting tools.

The CAPTURY Live Markerless Motion Capture Solution:

Captury Live is a system for capturing human motion in real-time for Animation, Virtual Reality, Simulation, Games.

Track motion at up to 120fps

Record videos at up to 240fps

Up to 24 cameras

Up to 3 persons

Real-time streaming into:

* Unity

* Unreal

* Motion Builder

* your application – using our custom network protocol

Or use a standard protocol:





Extend Captury Live with your own plugins.


* Videos in the standard AVI format

* Motion as FBX, BVH, CSV