eeg System

MCS Biosignal Recording Systems and Accessories:

Medical Computer Systems is specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech medical devices since 1993. Projects cover a wide spectrum of EEG equipment and accessories: clinical electroencephalography, EEG amplifiers for research, including multi-channel amplifiers (more than 160 channels), MR compatible EEG amplifiers, wireless EEG recorders, active EEG electrodes. Partners of MCS are leaders of EEG equipment for scientific research world market. MCS supports the international quality system ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and manufactures many products with CE marking for the demanding European market.


NVX is the DC amplifier with 24, 32 or 48 monopolar channels for electrodes and 4 auxiliary bipolar channels for sensors NeoSens. The device is used in training systems, clinical and scientific researches as a part of computer-based research system for short-term registration of the electro-physiological signals, primarily EEG. The amount of channels and presence of auxiliary channels depends of models.

Basically NVX amplifiers is used with NeoRec application software. NeoRec is software for the acquisition of EEG and other biomedical signals during the process of scientific or medical research. The program records the signals in various file formats for further analysis and processing by third-party software.

Supported file formats: EDF+, BDF+, GDF, EEG, SM. For viewing or processing the recorded data, the following third-party programs and software packages are recommended: EDFbrowser, Polyman, SigViewer, EEGLAB, ERPLAB, OpenViBE, BioSig.

For Real-time access/control of data stream from amplifiers into Matlab/C++/Python/OpenVIBE for BCI and Neuro-Cognitive experiments, support for Open Source, Lab Steaming Layer ( ) is available.


  1. NVX24 with EEG DC monopolar channels, 1/1 input/output triggers

  2. NVX36 with 32 EEG DC monopolar channels, 4 DC AUX bipolar channels for probes, 9/1 input/output triggers, OLED display

  3. NVX52 with 48 EEG DC monopolar channels, 4 DC AUX bipolar channels for probes, 9/1 input/output triggers, OLED display


NVX 24

NVX 36

NVX 52

EEG DC monopolar channels




AUX bipolar channels


4 halvanic isolated from EEG for probes

TTL triggers

1 input / 1 output

1 input / 1 output

Inbuilt Display


Graphic OLED

EEG dynamic range

±400 mV

EEG channel’s input impedance

more than 100 MOhm @ DC

EEG channel’s noise

less than 0.9 uV p-p @ 0,1...30 Hz

EEG test signal

200 μV (±1%), 1 Hz

Electrode impedance measurement range

1...120 kOhm (±10%) @ 30 Hz

AUX channel’s dynamic range

0...4 V

AUX channel’s input impedance

more than 100 MOhm @ DC

AUX channel’s dynamic range

more than 100 MOhm @ DC

AUX channel’s noise

less than 15 uV p-p @ 0,1..30 Hz

AUX channel’s noise

+5 V (±5%). Up to 15 mA per probe with electronic protection

AUX probe powering

+5 V (±5%). Up to 15 mA per probe with electronic protection


24 bit, 6th order delta-sigma modulator with 64x oversampling, one converter per each channel

High-pass response

DC coupled and digital filtration by application software

Sampling rate

125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz @ all channels 5000 Hz @ 24 EEG monopolar or bipolar channels 10000 Hz @ 16 EEG monopolar or bipolar channels 50000 Hz @ 4 EEG monopolar or bipolar channels

Control and powering

from USB +5V, 450 mA


IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2-26, class IIa, type BF


200 х 155 х 40 mm


less than 650 gr

High Density, MR Compatible EEG Systems NVX 72/NVX 136/NVX 272:


NVX-72/136/272 are designed for a medical-biologic researching in scientific and educational institutions.

Each channel has a direct current input and individual 24-bit analog-to-digital converter for measuring the EEG signal up to 100 thousand times per second.

Possible to extend up to 272 channels by connecting two amplifiers to the media converter, which gives a single clock frequency for all ADCs and ensuring synchronous channels conversion.

Software for planning of experiment and recording signals to EDF+ 16bit, BDF+ 24bit, GDF 32bit.

Set NVX-272 include: NVX-136 DC EEG system base - 2 pcs Electrode cap MCScap PROFESSIONAL MR 256, size L 54-60 cm

NVX-136 DC EEG system base include: NVX136 DC EEG amplifier NVX136 media converter NVX136 battery module NVX136 charger optical cable 1 m optical cable 10 m NVX136 transport suitcase


EEG Accessories-CAPS. Ag/AgCl Electrodes, Digitizer etc.


MCScap is system of the textile EEG-recording cap with removable electrodes placed according to 10-20 or 10- 10 systems and set of passive Ag/AgCl electrodes for EEG registration.

The cap is made of elastic material that provides the most comfortable fit of the electrodes without additional adjustment and minimizes the number of caps for all possible head sizes. Numerous holes are intended for ventilation and electrode alignment to head.

MCScap combines the advantages of textile caps with possibility of easy reconfiguration and replacement of broken electrodes. Ag/AgCl sintered technology of sensors guaranties minimal polarization and long-term stability.

MCScap can be used in clinical practice, neurology and functional diagnostics, and also to scientific researches.

Sintered AG/AgCl Electrodes

There are 2 types of MCScap electrodes:

1. Point electrode MCScap-E:

Point Ag/AgCl sintered electrode for EEG recording with TouchProof 1.5 mm (DIN 42 802‑ST) connector, wire length 120 cm

2. Thin (cup) electrode MCScap-T : This is a new flat (D12*4) and lightweight (<1gr) EEG electrodes. Primarily the electrodes are designed for long-term registration, requiring maximum comfort and stability, such as EEG monitoring, somnografiya, biofeedback. Attaching electrodes to the head is possible with: - Conductive paste, - EEG cap MCScap-T, - Disposable adhesive rings through the ring-adapter.


FPSens - photoplethysmography sensor on finger

TRSens - respiration nasal thermometric sensor

GSRSens - galvanic skin resistance sensor

AXSen - 3-axis accelerometer with a choice of axes and amplification VGAsens - TTL output optical sensor for synchronization


Set of NeoRecCap electrode cap with 10 preinstaled Ag/AgCl EEG electrodes and 8 channel wireless amplifier NB1-EEG8


System NeoRecCap is a set of NeoRecCap electrode cap with 10 preinstaled Ag/AgCl EEG electrodes and 8 channel wireless amplifier NB1-EEG8.

NeoRecCap is intended to record EEG, IR trigger events, 3D acceleration events to files of different formats (EDF+ 16 bit, BDF+ 24 bit, GDF 32 bit) or transmit it on-line via stream LSL (Lab Streaming Layer) for analyze by third-party software as MATLAB / EEGLAB, OpenViBE etc.

NeoRecCap can be used for education, research and development in EEG, neuro-computer interfaces (brain-computer interface, direct neural interface, brain interface), bio-feedback (BCI), neuromarketing, neurogaming, brain fitness.

EEG channels: 8 monopolar channels relative to Fz: F3, F4, C3, C4 , P3, P4, PO3, PO4

Dynamic range: ±300 uV

Frequency range: 1..40 Hz@ -3dB

Noise: less than 3.5 uV p-p

Internal accelerometer: X, Y, Z axis. ±2 G dynamic range, 256 levels. Output sampling rate is 2 Hz.

Output sampling rate: 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz for 8, 4, 2 and 1 channels is respectively

Input trigger: Infrared channel for receive up to 5 different events from external light generator.

Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 low energy (BLE, Bluetooth Smart). Range up to 50 m.

Time of acquisition: not less 40 hours

Time of waiting: not less than 100 days

Charging: power wireless from external Qi 2.0 standard charger. Charging time is less 2 hours.

Supported OS: Windows 10, Android

Size of amplifier: 64 х 38 х 16 mm

Mass of amplifier: less than 40 g

Mass of cap with electrodes and amplifier less than 100 g

Total weight: 1100 g

Weight: 750 g

Connector of the cap: ST-40X-24S-CV(30)

Connector of the amplifier: ST60-24P-30

Standard Set

  • NB1-EEG8 amplifier

  • EEG cap L or M size (select by order)

  • Cable with 10 Ag/AgCl electrodes

  • USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE adapter

  • USB wireless charging station

  • EEG gel, syringe with blunted needle for gel, brush for cleaning

  • User manual

  • Bag for storage

  • NeoRec software for Windows 10 PC (Internet loading)

  • NeoRec software for Android mobile devices (Internet loading)


  • EEG cap L size (54..60 cm)

  • EEG cap M size (48..54 cm)

  • Generator of light events (option).

  • Set for amplifier testing (option).


Generator of light events for use as part of NeoRec system.


Printed textile cap with 10 preinstalled Ag/AgCl electrodes MCScap‑C with ST-40X-24S-CV(30) common connector

NeoRecCap is an electrode cap for use as part of Mobile EEG system NeoRecCap.


Electrode: MCScap-C

Material of electrode conductive surface: Ag/AgCl

Electrode body material: polyurethane

Square of electrode conductive surface: 26 mm2

Internal diameter of the electrode at the point of contact of the electrode contact substance with the skin: 10 mm

Surface area of contact of the electrode substance with the skin: 78.5 mm2

Outer diameter of the electrode at the point of contact with the skin: 15 mm

Distance from the skin to the electrode conductive surface: 3.5 mm

The diameter of the hole in the electrode to add gel: 2.8 mm

Electrode polarization: ≤ 50 mV

Resistance of electrodes insulation: ≥ 1000 MΩ

Dielectric strength of electrodes insulation: 1500 V

The impedance of the electrode: ≤ 5 kΩ

Electrode positioning system: 10-10

Connector type: ST-40X-24S-CV(30)

Cable length: 5 cm

Location of the output of the electrode cable from cap: Back of the head

Number of electrodes: 10

Electrode positions: F3, F4, C3, C4 , P3, P4, PO3, PO4, Ref , GND

Marking of textile cap: yes

Marking of electrodes: yes

Weight: 800 g

Cap Sizes

Size Application Head circumference

XL Adult 60-66 cm

XL/L Adult 57-63 cm

L Adult(Most) 54-60 cm

L/M Teens/Adult 51-57 cm

M Children/Teens 51-57 cm

M/S Children undre 5 years 45-51 cm


Disposable EEG caps with pre-gelled or without gel, passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodess

DEC is a disposable system of multiple electrode EEG caps with pre-gelled or without gel, passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodes. DEC is intended for use with encephalographs and amplifiers of medical signals by special adapter.

DEC22 Disposable EEG caps with pre-gelled or without gel, passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodess

DEC22 is a disposable system of 22 electrode EEG cap with pre-gelled passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodes. DEC22 is intended for use with encephalographs and amplifiers of medical signals by special adapter.

Main advantages:

  1. 100% solution to the problem of cross-infection;

  2. Ready to use cap with pre-gelled electrodes. Without gel disposable caps are also an option. Thye just need application of EEG Gel;

  3. Easy and quick set up - less than 5 min;

  4. Light and comfortable cap for patient;

  5. Regulation of sideline fixators for correct size fitting and exact electrode positions.

Available sizes:

  1. L 54 - 60 cm 21" - 23 5/8"

  2. M 48 - 54 cm 19" - 21"

  3. S 42 - 48 cm 16 1/2" - 19"


Number of EEG electrodes: 22

Electrode positions Fp1, Fp2, F3, F4, F7, F8, Fz, Cz, C3, C4, Pz, T3, T4, P3, P4, A1, A2, T5, T6, O1, O2, GND

Electrode material: Ag/AgCl

Electrode polarization: <15 mV

Electrode noise: <1 uV p-p (0.16 rms) @ 0.1-70Hz

Electrode impedance: < 1 kOhm @ 0.1 ÷ 70Hz

Electrode condition: pre-gelled, electrodes are already with EEG conductive gel (Without Gel option cavilable)

Duration of EEG recording: 4 hours, without add of gel

Total duration of EEG recording: 24 hours, with add of gel every 4 hours

Avaliable sizes: L (54 – 60 cm), M (48 - 54 cm), S (42 - 48 cm)

Set up time: 3-5 minutes

Storage of the opened package: 24 hours

Storage life: 24 months

Storage temperature: -30...50 C

Size of package (LxWxH): less than 490x460x15, mm

Weight of cap in the package: less than 200 grams

DEC 12 disposable EEG cap for newborns, without gel, passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodess

DEC12 is a disposable EEG cap with 12 Ag/AgCl scalp electrodes. Cap is intended for use with encephalographs and amplifiers of biomedical signals by special adapter.

Application area:

Neonatal EEG, neurology, neurophysiology, functional diagnostics.

Additional accessories:

  • DEC12-DB25 adapter for EEG amplifiers with common connector;

  • DB25-TouchProof adapter for connection to any EEG amplifier.

Application: neonatal EEG

Cable exit: vertex

Number of electrodes: 12

Sizes (head circumference): XS (36 – 47 cm), Inf I (32 – 36 cm), Inf III (24 – 32 cm)

Electrode material: Ag/AgCl

Electrode polarization: <15 mV

Electrode noise :<1 uV p-p (0.16 rms) @ 0.1-70Hz

Electrode impedance: < 1 kOhm @ 0.1 ÷ 70Hz

Electrode condition: Dry, need to apply conductive paste

Recommended type of conductive paste: Ten20, Unipaste

Time installation: ~3 minutes

Storage life: 24 months

Number of caps per box: 5

3D Digtizer- for digitizing 3D electrode positions on scalp and head shape for accurate source localization.

Patriot, Fastrak or Liberty 3D Digitizers can be used to digitize 3D eeg electrode or fNIR system's optodes positions on scalp and also for head

shape digitizing for accurate source localization in EEG/ERP, Cognition studies. Digitized electrode head positions and ahead points can be exported in many standard formats compatible with popular EEG/ERP analysis softwares like Neuroscan, EEGLab, CAR Tools etc..