fNIR System

FNIR System: For Mobile Participants

Photon Fully Portable & Wireless FNIRS Cap by Cortivision

Cortivision PHOTON CAP is a wireless near infrared spectroscope (NIRS) for the functional measurement of the hemodynamic response of the brain. Our device enables non-invasive monitoring of the activity of selected areas of the cerebral cortex, thanks to a set of high-quality emitters and detectors. PHOTON CAP is fully:

  1. MOBILE: Possibility of conducting tests on the move and in non-laboratory conditions.

  2. SAFE: Our device is significantly less invasive than sunlight and passed all safety and scientific-grade trials.

  3. COMPATIBLE: It can be combined with various devices like EEG or VR goggles to provide the necessary data for research and business purposes.



16 LED Emiters (760 nm & 850 nm)

10 detectors with an area of 7.5 mm2

up to 37 channels, fully user-configurable montages

ADC: 32-bit high dynamic range converters.

Sampling rate: variable, up to 92 Hz.

Communication: Bluetooth

Over 6 hours of battery life

Integrated IMU module (accelerometer & gyroscope)


Near-infrared continuous waveform spectroscopy based on modified Beer-Lambert law.


oxy (oxyHb), deoxy (deoxyHb) and total (totalHb) hemoglobin concentration changes

Use Cases

Neuro Science

Research in the field of psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Monitor the impact of a stimulus as part of neurophysiological research procedures. Discover the possibilities offered by the Cortivision Photon family of spectroscopes with professional signal recording software.


Registration of brain activity of several people at the same time.

Discover the way the groups of respondents function and collaborate mentally with each other.

Mental Health

Analyze your ability to concentrate and truly relax your mind.

Learn how your brain can control stress, distraction and assimilate information better.


Monitoring of brain activity while movement activities.

Carry out constant monitoring of brain activity also during free movement activities such as sports, driving vehicles or simply moving.

Virtyal Reality Environment

Research experiments in virtual reality.

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by a fully controllable test environment in virtual reality. Build any environmental conditions and check their true impact on the respondents. Unique & innovative solution for neuromarketing, design, UX/UI, HR and education purposes.


Intuitive and versatile software for recording and signal visualisation.

Main features:

  • probe design and channel configuration

  • auto-calibration of sources power to achieve the best signal-tonoise ratio

  • raw fNIRS data collection in .SNIRF and .TXT formats

  • IMU sensor data collection

  • plots with real time fNIRS and IMU raw data, oxy-Hb, deoxy- Hb, total-Hb

  • real-time streaming in LabStreamingLayer

  • recording REST API which allows to manage experiment from external scripts

  • cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac)



3D Digtizer- for digitizing 3D electrode positions on scalp and head shape for accurate source localization.

Patriot, Fastrak or Liberty 3D Digitizers can be used to digitize 3D eeg electrode or fNIR system's optodes positions on scalp and also for head

shape digitizing for accurate source localization in EEG/ERP, Cognition studies. Digitized electrode head positions and ahead points can be exported in many standard formats compatible with popular EEG/ERP analysis softwares like Neuroscan, EEGLab, CAR Tools etc..